preparation for TWIST solo exhibition & yusof ghani's attempt in making a biring sculpture

work in progress for TWIST solo exhibition

linear twist wall series - work in progress
rusting prior to fixing the steel frame, glass and plywood backing. it was left outdoor for a few days. some were under trees, some were partially exposed, some were fully exposed - all resulted in different stages of rusting

photography in a make shift studio at the workshop area, with white paper as background

installation at weiling-gallery

artuditu maintaining order over the human workers

working on the rusting process

waiting for the rust to happen

masterwelder azzham working on the finishing touches after i've arranged the fins - very spontaneous, unlike my previous works

Mastercraftsman Pok Oi, making the plinth for the 50kg twist sculptures

malaysian artist yusof ghani dropping by to work on his biring sculptures, bringing the 2D into the 3D world

overview of the workshop kkkkkk, kumpulan kimpalan keluli karat kontemporari kuang in june 2008

keluli kafe - open on weekdays, serving the infamous kopi keluli, where we actually scrape off ash from the bottom of the wok, and add this to the coffee mix for that extra ironman kick, if you get what i mean!! :รพ